5 Healthy Pumpkin Bread Recipes That Hit the Sweet Spot

A riddle for you: What’s the perfect fall accessory that’s guaranteed to make you feel warm inside and out? The answer: sweaters—and also these pumpkin bread recipes.

The mostly health-conscious loaves will have you celebrating the cooler weather and fall foliage (even if you still need to find your own pile of leaves to jump in). Grab your pan and your pumpkin purée, and get ready for some of the season’s best comfort food.

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Pumpkin? Good. Zucchini? Good. Chocolate chips? In the words of Joey Tribbiani, “Goooood.” The veggies keep this recipe moist and flavorful, and they tip the scale toward healthy, even with the addition of chocolate chips—honey, olive oil, and almond milk also help. The hardest part? Letting it cool for 15 minutes.

With homemade oat flour (all you need is oats and a food processor or blender to make it), this vegan spin on pumpkin bread screams crunchy granola (pun intended). The loaf takes risks with unconventional additions like apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, orange zest, and even a pinch of cayenne pepper. But those bets pay off with a zesty bread that incorporates all of our favorite parts of fall.

Swapping vegetable oil—the go-to in most bread recipes—for coconut oil is a no-brainer. It’s been shown to promote weight loss and a healthy digestive tract. This bread does have a fair amount of sugar, but if you’re looking for a simple recipe (we’re talking three steps) with bold flavor, look no further.

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Taking pumpkin bread up a notch, this cream cheese-filled loaf mimics carrot cake, and it’s so rich that just a few bites will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. It’s not something to eat every day, but we all deserve a treat, and if you’re gonna eat something with pumpkin pie spice, it might as well be homemade.

This probably isn’t what your mom meant when she said, “Don’t forget to eat your fruit and vegetables.” But with three bananas, 3/4 cup pumpkin purée, and 1/2 cup applesauce, this loaf is a pretty good stand-in. And with each slice clocking in at 90 calories, you can bet we’ll be reaching for it morning, noon, or night.

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