9 Delish Gluten-Free Pizzas That Aren’t a Crumbly Mess

Oh, pizza. Your crispy-yet-soft crust exterior, melted cheese foundation, and ability to taste amazing topped with everything from barbeque chicken to arugula and Brussels sprouts is enough to win over the hearts (and taste buds) of almost anyone. But what’s a gluten-free eater to do?

Classically made with a flour crust, pizza isn’t so friendly to those with celiac disease or other gluten-inhibiting symptoms. Not to mention, there’s a whole slew of people choosing to eat gluten-free due to the many supposed benefits (i.e. a flatter stomach and more energy).

Before giving up on life (or even worse: pizza), turn to these nine gluten-free pizza recipes. Made with healthy ingredients like roasted root vegetables, sautéed peppers, and plenty of cheese, you won’t even wonder where the grains have gone.

Lemon may not be your typical pizza add-on, but it just so happens to be what makes this recipe so damn good. Bringing out the rich flavors of the goat and mozzarella cheeses and perfectly complimenting those roasted sprouts, the citrus fruit is a welcome addition to the chili flake and garlic topping. Tip: Top with arugula for extra greens.

Perfect for the times you’re pressed for time, this Portobello recipe brings everything to the table (and in under 30 minutes). Simply roast the mushroom caps for five minutes, add any desired toppings, and pop back in the oven until tender—usually around 15 minutes. While the pizza is cooking, throw together a super quick kale salad to eat on the side.

There’s something comforting about the flavor of pumpkin—whether in lattés or pizza. Here, it’s turned into purée, used as crust, and topped with anything your heart desires. We love adding roasted peppers, caramelized onions, and loads of fresh basil.

No time to whip up cauliflower crust? No problem. Simply roast sliced eggplant, top with tomato sauce, a slice of provolone (or mozzarella), a handful of spinach, and a few cherry tomatoes, and you’re five minutes away from cheesy, veggie goodness. For a touch more protein, add grilled chicken or prosciutto before broiling.

When prepared properly, cauliflower crust won’t crumble and is sturdy enough to hold up plenty of toppings. This blogger’s secret? Microwaving the puréed cauliflower before squeezing out the liquid. The next steps are all about flavor, adding a roasted red pepper sauce, sautéed red and yellow bell pepper, and our personal favorite: a balsamic drizzle.

This gluten-free pizza crust claims to be the best, and we believe it. Not soggy, not gummy, gluten-free andvegan… it really has it all—and we haven’t even mentioned the toppings. Layered with barbeque sauce, mozzarella and Colby-Jack cheese, thinly sliced onion, and chicken, it has us reminiscing to the good ol’ days at California Pizza Chicken (minus the shopping mall).

Roasted vegetables are delicious, but eating them as sides and mixing them in veggie chili can get seriously boring. Instead of settling for the usual, mix things up with this pizza recipe. The quinoa crust adds an amazing crunch (and extra protein), and the cashew cream is the perfect cheese replacement. If you prefer more sauce, use a pesto base.

Pizza for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do. With a super-simple smashed potato crust, shredded cheese, bacon, chili, and a fried egg on top, you’ll reconsider ever heading to a diner. To kick up the nutrition a notch, scratch the bacon (sorry!) and top with feta cheese, sautéed spinach, scrambled egg whites, and hot sauce. We love using sweet potato too.

This recipe is perfect for adults and kids alike. Made with zucchini, marinara sauce, shredded cheeses, and oregano, it couldn’t get easier—and it’s ready to eat in only 15 minutes! Simply halve the zucchinis, brush with garlic and olive oil, top with whatever fixings you fancy, and pop in the oven. Delizioso!

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