9 Festive Champagne Cocktails That Won’t Give You a Nasty Hangover

Whether celebrating the New Year, a new job, or catching up with friends (new and old), champagne just makes everything feel more like a special occassion. And while the bubbly booze tastes great solo (dare we say, even in a Solo cup), small additions can transform the drink into something truly unforgettable.

Instead of traditional mimosas, get crafty this year with the likes of black pepper, sage, elderflower, and winter fruits like pears. They may sound like fancy creations, but they’re as easy as one pour, two pour, floor (just kidding on the last one!).

Don’t worry: We also included classics like French 75s and the good ol’ Kir Royale—staples champagne sippers should have in their back pocket. Now get mixing and start drinking. Cheers!

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1. Winter Champagne Cocktail

This cocktail looks and tastes like something out of a winter dream, thanks to the orange peel and rosemary garnish. Made with only three ingredients—orange bitters, a squeeze of orange juice, and champagne—it’s one of the easiest and most delicious on the list. Tip: Stick to freshly squeezed juice for the best flavor.

2. Elderflower Champagne Cocktail

The holiday season is often full of wine, cookies, and sweets galore. Come New Year’s Eve, the last thing many of us want to do is drink… again. However this cocktail is refreshing and light—the ideal way to top off the year and ring in the new one without a wretched hangover or sugar overdose. Just don’t skimp on the cucumber and mint!

3. French 75s

Oh you fancy, French 75. Made with gin, sugar, fresh lemon juice, lemon bitters, and Brut champagne, a sip alone will make you feel both classy and happy. Though the origins of its name aren’t so sweet, this cocktail certainly can be. Keep things a touch healthier by using agave instead of regular sugar, and go light on the pour (of sugar, that is).

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4. Raspberry Black Pepper Champagne Cocktail

This cocktail requires a bit more work (and a few more ingredients), but the results are more than worth it—plus it’s great to make in bulk! Mix homemade simple syrup, fresh raspberry and orange juice purée, vodka, and champagne, and pour into pepper-rimmed glasses for the perfect addition to brunch.

5. Pear and Ginger-Sage Champagne Cocktail

Make use of seasonal ingredients by whipping up this cocktail. Made with pears, sage, ginger, and honey, this healthy cocktail may stop your hangover before it even starts! (Hello, tummy-soothing ingredients.) If you don’t have fresh ginger, use ginger tea in place of the water in the recipe.

6. Honey Lavender Prosecco

It doesn’t get easier than this drink. The hardest part is finding honey lavender simple syrup, but we’ve got your covered with this DIY recipe. All that’s left is mixing the Prosecco with the simple syrup and lemon slice—and coming up with a good toast, even if it’s just to yourself (hey, you’ve done great this year!).

Photo: Chez Cateylou

7. Clementine Rosemary Champagne Cocktail

Sweeeeeet clementine, bum bum bum! That’s how the song goes, right? OK, maybe not, but you should try this tart cocktail regardless. (And maybe have an at-home dance partywhile you’re at it.) With seven ingredients, this is one of the more complicated recipes on the list, but the rosemary simple syrup is worth making and having on-hand, as it tastes great in almost any cocktail.

8. Kir Royale

Two ingredients come together in this recipe to create a champagne staple. Pour one teaspoon of crème de casis in the bottom of a champagne glass, top with champagne, and serve. Simple as that, delicious as can be.

9. Blackberry and Sage Champagne Cocktail

Sage takes center stage in this cocktail, but the blackberries are stars too. It makes for a fun surprise when you get to the bottom of your glass—which took us approximately three minutes. To make it healthier, top off with seltzer water. It’ll help keep you hydrated and ensure you imbibe a little less.

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