Our mission is to help spread ideas of fair trade, sustainability, and eco-conscious consumerism throughout the globe. Our products, services, and content all center about a perspective that the world of tomorrow will be built today. We support countless agencies and organizations that help spread these ideas through our research, funding, and fund-raising efforts. We work collaboratively in our efforts to design and share our vision of a better tomorrow. This pursuit is evidenced by our use of fair trade materials in all our products and our commitment to sustainable production techniques.

Simply put, we try to be stewards of vibrant tomorrow. Our products have utility along our journey from the many regions of the world but their purpose is much greater. They are meant to serve as examples of a better approach in sourcing, design, manufacturing and distribution. Our products are beautiful. They are also eccentric. Above all, they are responsible and respectable.

Clover Canyon products are available around the world from a vast array of fine retailers and merchants.