7 Bathroom Organization Tips to Save Your Sanity


When you’re rushing to get out of the door, one of the things that takes the longest to deal with is bathing. It doesn’t help when multiple people use the same bathroom, and the items there are disorganized and messy, so you have to go through that too. This situation can be quite stressful, even on the best of days. That’s why it’s right for you to start thinking about organizing your bathroom.

To help you have an organized bathroom, follow these 7 bathroom organization tips to help save your sanity and avoid having a breakdown over your bath’s lack of organization.

1. Declutter first

Before you start reorganizing everything in your bathroom, you first have to make sure that you get rid of the things you don’t want in it. According to Maid Sailors’ maid service in Chicago, getting rid of unwanted clutter is the first step before the cleaning sessions. The cleaning sessions should be before the organizing step as well.

Since the bathroom can be quite small, when it’s littered with clutter, it’s easier to make it look messier than it is. That’s why you should get rid of as many unneeded items as possible there if you want it to look organized. Pay special attention to the things around your sink since this is the place that gets the most crowded.

2. Keep the counters clutter-free

Speaking of decluttering, as mentioned before, the part of your bathroom that probably gets cluttered fast would be the counter. The area around the sink is usually the most accessible and the only surface area you can use when the other cabinets or organizers are full. Thus, it gets crowded very quickly if left to be.

On that note, if you want to make your bathroom look as clean, you have to start by ensuring that you have a few items or clutter on the bathroom counter as possible. Otherwise, your bathroom sink is going to drown in bathroom items and products. Plus, it will be harder to use the sink; the more things there are on it.

3. Use the inside of cabinet doors

One issue with bathrooms is that there seems to be insufficient storage space, especially if multiple people are staying there. That’s why you need to be more creative with your storage solutions. After all, there are only so many shelvings and cabinets you can install there before you’re creating a literal water closet from back in the days before indoor plumbing.

On that note, one exciting storage hack that you can do is to use the inside of your cabinet doors as storage space. You’re under-utilizing that area, and you can use it to hang a lot of things if you install hooks on there.

4. Have a caddy for every family member

When you’re having trouble organizing the number of bathroom items there, it might be better to have a separate caddy for every family member. A separate caddy doesn’t mean that you should get a set of shelves around the walls of your shower for each person. If this is the case, it will feel like you’re bathing in a library.

Instead, each shelf of the caddy should be for a specific person. That way, there is an organized system where everyone puts their things. It will also reduce the instances of people putting their bathing products on the bathroom counter.

5. Add a laundry bin

Too many people have a terrible habit of leaving their dirty clothes in places they’re not supposed to be. For example, some people leave it on their bed during the day and on a chair at night. If you have a hamper but don’t use it, it might be better to put it right at the source. Put your laundry bin inside the bathroom and place it in one corner.

It will be harder for you to forget to put your dirty clothes in the laundry bin when the laundry bin is right inside the bathroom. Of course, the only bad thing about a laundry bin in the bathroom is that your guests can see your dirty clothes. However, if it’s a private bath, you won’t have to worry about that.

6. Use hooks to hang towels

With a small room like a bathroom, you probably don’t have enough wall space to hang anything. Usually, a bathroom will have one or two towel racks, but if multiple people are using the bathroom, those racks might not be enough. For this case, instead of using towel racks, use hooks instead.

It takes up less space but still allows the towel to dry somewhat. Although it might take longer to dry there, at least you have the space to put your towel in after bathing. If you’re not using the back of your bathroom door for anything, you can also set multiple towel hooks on there so that it doesn’t even use a single wall to hang.

7. Use clear acrylic containers

When you’re organizing cabinets or shelves in the bathroom, you might want to consider using clear acrylic containers to manage the items. You will see what’s inside the containers, so you won’t have to rifle through each one to get what you want. Plus, it looks a lot cleaner because it’s transparent.

At the same time, you’re still keeping your bathroom items organized.

To Sum Up

Any poorly organized room is going to stress anyone out, but a particularly small room that’s cluttered will look even messier. That’s why you should keep your bathroom clean and organized by applying these seven tips.

Next time you clean your bathroom, make sure that you apply these organization tips while you’re at it. That way, your bathroom is clean and neat, and bathing won’t be as stressful as it used to be.

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