5 benefits of a career in marketing

Pursuing a career in marketing can be both lucrative and deeply rewarding – offering you lifestyle flexibility seldom found in other occupations. It is little wonder, then, that marketing is one of the most popular career options right now.

However, it is first worth pointing out that not all marketing careers are identical. Modern marketing envelopes a huge umbrella of different roles, skills, and purposes. These include the basic difference between traditional marketing and advertising – creating TV and radio adverts, sales letters, letterbox flyers, magazine ads, billboards – and the burgeoning digital marketing industry – which envelopes email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, data analytics, and content marketing – to name but a few elements of it.


Of course, these are just the niches within marketing and do not account for the various skills necessary to complete those jobs – such as copywriting, data science, and website construction.

It is thus clear to see that finding a career within the world of marketing is not the work of a moment. It is crucial that you think long and hard about the type of skills you already have, your interests, and what sort of lifestyle you are trying to construct for yourself.

For example, there are certain marketing jobs which require you to work in an office, surrounded by a team of colleagues, while others allow you to work remotely, from wherever you want to live in the world.

Whichever path you choose, there is no shortage of benefits found in a marketing career.

Here are five you should know about:

There are plenty of opportunities to learn the skills you need

One of the most useful benefits of choosing a career in marketing is that it allows you to develop a wide-ranging skillset relatively easily and quickly.

While many careers require you to study for years in order to achieve proficiency in one skill, with no guarantee of a job at the end of it, marketing enables you to both study the theory and hone further skills while on the job.

For example, you could pursue an online masters in marketing analytics, which will, among other benefits, help teach you an increasingly in-demand skill – the ability to process and use the vast amounts of data available to collect about your market online.

However, you don’t have to stop there. Marketing allows you to hone a variety of useful skills while you are working a job, such as copywriting and video editing. This helps you increase your employability or even give you the necessary expertise to found your own marketing agency.

You will never find a shortage of work

Another great benefit of pursuing a career in marketing is that there is never a shortage of potential work. While countless other industries struggle to survive, destroying job prospects in the process, marketing is going from strength to strength.

In fact, given the ever-increasing amount of people who ‘live’ on the internet, there is an almost exponential demand for marketing in the online space alone. After all, as long as there are businesses, there will be marketers trying to sell their products.

This offers you crucial job security in a time of great uncertainty in the economy.

Furthermore, as referenced above, there is nothing stopping you from branching out on your own as a freelancer, business owner, or consultant. This inherent flexibility gives you further wiggle room during times of economic hardship, as well as presents the opportunity to earn a lucrative salary.


Marketing offers a variety of areas you can specialize in

A further reason why a career in marketing is worth considering is that there is a job for everyone within the industry.

If you enjoy writing, then you can carve out a lucrative career as a copywriter – operating in whichever niche interests you and completing a range of different writing tasks, depending on your specialty. For example, you may want to focus on writing sales emails, landing pages, or social media posts (all in-demand jobs in their own right).

Alternatively, if you are interested in mathematics, then the ever-expanding data science industry presents a fantastic opportunity to earn a competitive salary in a flexible working environment.

Whether you are creative, logical, a writer, or a photographer, there are a lot of different areas within marketing that you can specialize in.


You can choose to work anywhere you want

One of the most compelling benefits of working in marketing is that you have the opportunity to choose your working environment – at least in theory.

The vast majority of careers and industries force you to work in a certain environment. If you are a lawyer, you need to be near a courthouse, and if you are a doctor, then you’re going to be working in a surgery or hospital, but marketers have far more flexibility.

For instance, if you develop a strong enough skill set and have built a list of contacts, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a freelancer.

Freelancing is a fantastic opportunity to work wherever you want. If you desire nothing more than a day working on your laptop from bed, then you can do that. If you would prefer to sit by a beach on a desert island – go for it, as long as there is an internet connection.

If this isn’t your bag, then you can always opt for a more office-based job, which helps you meet new friends, work in a team and achieve a stable lifestyle.

Marketing skills are applicable in all walks of life

Arguably the best reason to embark on a marketing career is that your skills will always be applicable elsewhere. If you reach a point when you are bored with marketing or want to move into a new industry, then your skillset will almost certainly benefit you.

Unlike more specialist skills, marketing is based upon rather more fundamental principles. To be a successful marketer, you need strong communication skills, an understanding of persuasion, an ability to understand and relate to other people, along with more specific knowledge like copywriting or web design.

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