Can You Control Arthritis Pain With CBD?

Over 35 million Americans suffer from arthritis, inflammation in joints, daily. Needless to say, finding solutions for that pain is paramount. Some pills help, but as CBD is recognized for its numerous health benefits, a new pain relief option may be in town. So in the great debate between CBD vs THC, you may wonder, can you control arthritis pain with CBD?

Where Does CBD Come From?

Hemp and Marijuana are the two main cannabis plants. Hemp happens to have the most concentrated supply of CBD, or cannabidiol, with the lowest amount of THC. CBD is safely extracted through the plant’s oils and then utilized in a variety of products. When using hemp to create CBD products, it is easier to isolate the chemicals and produce oils with even less THC.

Currently, Hemp-based CBD is legal in the United States, while THC is still considered a controlled substance. So it is important to make certain any CBD product you buy does not have the intoxicating chemical THC. CBD may not be flagged in drug screenings, but if it is made improperly, THC very well could.

How Does CBD Help?

CBD is very interesting in how it works. Unlike its counterpart, THC, which affects the brain directly, CBD works in the endocrine system, which is what controls our hormones. As such, studies have shown promising signs that it blocks inflammation and also interacts with serotonin in a way that relaxes us. This means our perception of pain is lessened, and CBD decreases how focused we are on any pain we’re feeling.

Now, it may seem like this impacts our brain, but in reality, it doesn’t. CBD does not get you high without THC being there. It can act as a mood stabilizer, but that has more to do with our hormones than our brain and how we process information.

Does It Have To Be In Pill Form?

For those seeking to treat their joint pain and osteoarthritis, CBD can be taken in more than just pill form. There are many reasons why you may not want to swallow another pill, and so topical options like balms and lotions can be used to treat inflammation or you can try a few drops of oil just under the tongue. If neither of those suits your fancy, there are edible options akin to gummy vitamins that work just as well and can be quite tasty.

Accessibility should be universal in the health industry, and CBD leads by example in the ways you can use this medicine. How you do so is simply up to what is best for you.

Arthritis shouldn’t stop you from living your life, and you shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into taking standard painkillers, or even opiates, for the rest of your life. There are other options out there, and with the growing number of CBD studies, this could be right for you. Talk to your doctor and find a reputable source like Charlotte’s Web CBD. Living your life is worth it.

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