Creative Recipes You Can Make Outside While Social Distancing


In case you missed it, you shouldn’t head to the park for a pickup game of basketball at the moment. The coronavirus continues to sweep the nation, and social distancing has become the new normal.

However, if you have a wicked case of cabin fever, there’s no law saying you can’t head to your porch or balcony to barbecue. Doing so can take your mind off racing thoughts that you might experience during this uncertain time. Plus, you get a fabulous meal to enjoy — talk about a win-win!

Roasted Cauliflower Steaks

Who said that your steak needs to come from a cow? You can whip up grilled cauliflower steaks that will delight the vegetarians in your quarantine group. The walnuts add extra protein to the dish to keep you feeling sated for hours. The fresh garlic is beneficial for boosting your immune system, so feel free to chow down.

BBQ Moink Balls

Are you ready to make the carnivorous crowd jump for joy now? Why not do it with these barbecue moink balls that bill themselves as two parts beef, one part pork and 100% delicious? This recipe also calls for garlic, that magical immune system-boosting root herb. Other than that, you only need six additional ingredients, saving you a trip to the stripped-bare store.

Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

If you have never had elote, you’re in for a treat. Why use drippy butter alone to top your corn, when mayonnaise makes the ideal creamy base for supporting chilis and cotija cheese? You’ll only need five ingredients to whip up this south-of-the-border treat, but you won’t want for flavor at all.

Garlic and Black Pepper Shrimp

Seafood contains a ton of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are critical for your cardiovascular health. Plus, shrimp provides a welcome break from the meat-and-potatoes routine. The grill packs these with so much flavor that you won’t need cocktail or tartar sauce. Serve them over a salad or pasta.

Grilled Everything Pizza 

You could order delivery, but that puts you in contact with the driver — who may carry the virus without knowing it. However, you can get some natural vitamin D from the sunlight when you go outside to grill. Yes, you can grill a pizza, and the resulting crust is flaky and delightful. The fresh garden veggies in this recipe will give you a powerful boost of phytonutrients.

Grilled Romaine Salad With Corn, Fava Beans and Avocado

You didn’t know you could grill a salad, did you? It turns out that a touch of fire brings out more of the natural sweetness of the lettuce. The corn and avocado provide additional phytonutrients and healthy fats, and the fava beans provide a powerful protein-packed punch.

Grilled Spinach-Feta Burgers

You can make this recipe with the traditional beef or ground turkey if you’re watching your red meat consumption. The creamy feta melts perfectly, making it so you don’t need ketchup or mayonnaise. Mixing the spinach in with the cheese is a sneaky way to get your little ones to eat more greens. You won’t even have to tell them to eat up to get strong like Popeye — the flavor will entice them to dig in and enjoy.

Firecracker Grilled Salmon 

You should eat more fish for healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and salmon fits most people’s palates perfectly. The blend of sweet, spicy and savory flavors enhances the taste of the fish perfectly. This dish pairs nicely with a light white wine. You can serve it with a salad or on a bed of brown and wild rice and some asparagus spears.

Grilled Red Curry Chicken 

You can reduce the cooking time for a chicken by half if you flatten the bird and put it on the grill. Hopefully, you like things a bit on the spicy side for this recipe, although you can adjust the amount of red curry paste to taste. Curry contains turmeric, a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory herb. If you have any aches and pains, either from a temporary illness or a more chronic one, this meal might help curb the ouch factor.

Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Mascarpone 

Can you make dessert on the grill? Yes, you can with this innovative recipe. The grill brings out the natural sweetness of the peaches even more than the raw version. The yogurt, mascarpone and maple syrup blend makes a gooey, creamy topping for each bowl. As far as dessert items go, at only 151 calories, this dish won’t pad your waistline — but it will delight your family’s taste buds.

Get Outside and Get Grilling While You Practice Social Distancing

You don’t have to cut off all contact with the great outdoors, only with other people. One way to relax during this tumultuous time is to get outside and get grilling. Impress your family with one of these meals tonight!

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