7 Gifts That are Fun and Healthy at the Same Time


When you’re planning a gift for a loved one, there doesn’t have to be an occasion. You can pick out something fun and healthy. The gift ideas you choose should follow two essential rules of giving. One – the recipient should be happy to have or use the gift. And, two – the item should be something the recipient is unlikely to purchase for themselves. Add the theme of a healthier lifestyle, and you have a winner on your hands. Let’s get you started on seven gift ideas that are sure to surprise and delight.

  1. Kosher Fruit Basket

Fruit is the most nutritious snack and contributes toward keeping your heart healthy, improves blood flow, and lowers oxidation. Add to that is the polyphenol content, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and you have the perfect package for good health and longevity. The only downside is that people with a busy lifestyle might not have the time to eat fruits. A great solution is to choose assorted dried fruit that is easy to munch on the go. Pick out a basket as a gift idea and wish your loved one a long life with happiness and vitality. As long as you avoid the frosted variety, dried fruits make excellent substitutes for candy and satisfy cravings for something sweet.

  1. Vegan Dog Treats

People committed to a healthier lifestyle make a conscious effort to invest in cleaner, greener food for all the members of their household. And, that includes their little four-legged friends. Studies have proved that the canine digestive system is built to process almost all the food that humans eat. If you’ve switched to an only plant-based diet, there’s no reason why your furry buddy can’t. Experts confirm that pets not just digest well, but also thrive on vegan dog food. Check with your vet for brands approved by AAFCO, and contain the ideal blend of nutrients formulated to keep your doggos healthy.

  1. Gym Memberships

Everyone understands that regular exercise is highly essential for good health. Without the right kind of motivation, it is hard for most people to take the first few steps to a healthier lifestyle. How about using this gift idea that nudges in the right direction – gym memberships. Psychologists assert that working out together strengthens emotional bonds with loved ones. The rush of endorphins raises happiness levels and gives you a high from achieving fitness goals.

  1. Meal Prep Kit Gift Cards

This gift idea is perfect for people who love to cook at home, but just don’t have the time to go grocery shopping. Meal prep kits have the entire collection of ingredients for healthy dishes you would want to make yourself. The whole ensemble packed in a reusable wooden box that the company picks up later. Follow the recipe card instructions and add the carefully-measured, pre-cut portions of meat, vegetables, spices, herbs, and anything else you might need. Food connoisseurs can order these supplies according to the number of family members and servings that they want to prepare and serve. Eating healthy, counting calories, and choosing the right portion sizes has never been easier.

  1. Personal Blender

Here’s another neat gift idea for loved ones trying their best to follow a healthy lifestyle – a personal blender. Toss in a bunch of fruits, vegetables, and herbs along with a generous helping of yogurt or low-fat milk and you can make quick smoothies. Switch out donuts and unhealthy snacking for one of these servings. You’ll avoid the sugar, fat, and unhealthy carbs intake, and instead, nourish your body with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. By varying the blend of ingredients each day, you can keep the smoothie exciting and tasting great.

  1. Herb Seed Kits

Adding herbs to your food is great for enhancing the taste of the dish without using excessive oils. Further, garlic, linseed, lemongrass, fenugreek, sage, parsley, rosemary, and cilantro are highly beneficial for for your health. Studies have shown that herbs and spices can lower the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and various other conditions because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Interestingly, you can easily grow them at home without making a huge time commitment. Gift your loved ones a complete herb seed kit that will fill their homes with fresh fragrances. The greenery is sure to add good vibes and a pleasant ambiance.

  1. Essential Oils Diffuser and Humidifier

Working from home, staying indoors, and social distancing can be challenging for most people. How about a diffuser that does more than add a pleasant fragrance to your interiors? The new versions of these gadgets also infuse moisture into the room and help prevent problems like chapped skin and dryness. Aromas like cinnamon, lavender, jasmine, lemon, peppermint, and various others are known for their stress-relieving and mood-lifting properties.

Try these amazing gift ideas. Your loved ones are sure to appreciate the thoughtful gesture that cares for their health and wellness.

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