10 Health Investments You Should Make This Fall 


All the money in the world won’t buy you health. What will improve your chances is making wise choices.

What decisions should you make to improve your well-being? Considering your health is your number one asset, here are ten investments that you should make.

1. Make a Budget

While western psychologists blame suicide on mental illness, Asian studies reveal that financial hardship plays a significant role. Perhaps the difference lies in cultural attitudes. While Americans, in particular, tend to blame the individual for every problem, eastern philosophies embrace the system as a whole — including economic forces.

Regardless of the underlying schism, you can benefit your health by making a budget and sticking to it. Sit down with your bank statements and graph your income and expenses. Identify areas you can cut back without pain — maybe you can make coffee at home, but you must preserve the sanctity of Friday pizza night.

2. Protect Your Family

What would happen to your spouse and children financially if you — and your household contributions — disappeared? Please don’t leave them to suffer. Many term policies have affordable monthly premiums, and you may not need a health exam if you purchase online.

If you have the budget for health insurance, please don’t go without coverage, even if you feel healthy. The price of going to the hospital continues to drive countless Americans into bankruptcy each year.

3. Learn to Meal Prep

Some people shy away from meal prepping because they fear it will rob them of spontaneity. If you think about your habits, chances are, the opposite is true. When you have a fridge stocked with chopped veggies and other ingredients that only require you to toss them in a pan, it’s far easier to pass by the drive-thru — where you buy nearly half your meals.

Invest in the right materials, like containers designed to keep produce fresher for longer. Then devote an hour on your day off to slicing carrots and dicing onions. You’ll elevate your nutritional intake with minimal effort — and enjoy more flavorful meals.

4. Up Your Vegetable Intake

Researchers continue to investigate the role that phytonutrients play in human health. These substances give plants their vivid hues. It’s almost as if Mother Nature color-coded the combos you need for maximum well-being.

Sneaky ways to include more veggies in your diet include using them as toppings for wraps and sandwiches. With fall on the way, so is soup season — nearly any variety tastes better with a touch of fresh bell pepper, broccoli or corn.

5. Grow a Windowsill Herb Garden

Many herbs benefit human health. Chamomile and lavender both have reputations for easing tension — grow some fresh on your windowsill and dry the leaves for making tea.

You can also season your meals with health. Oregano is one of the most potent antimicrobial agents out there. Basil, a member of the mint family, soothes an upset tummy. You can make your bolognese sauce downright medicinal.

6. Adopt an Exercise Routine

The benefits of exercise don’t stop at your physical body. They also help to alleviate anxiety and depression, two conditions that affect countless people each year.

Find something that you love. If you hesitate to return to the gym, you can find a host of fitness apps featuring HIIT to cardio dance to yoga.

7. Buy a Bike

Why not reduce your carbon footprint while upping your workout quotient? A bike gives you a commuting alternative for short jaunts.

If you live in a mountainous region, don’t despair. You don’t need the quads of Lance Armstrong to get around town. You can find electric bikes that help power you up hills.

8. Get a Physical

Even if you feel okay, trouble could lurk beneath your skin’s surface. An annual physical, preferably complete with bloodwork, allows you to check for conditions such as prediabetes, which lifestyle changes can sometimes correct.

If you don’t have health insurance coverage, look for clinics that offer a sliding fee scale. You may discover you qualify for subsidies to help defray costs.

9. Develop Work-Life Balance

Fully 94% of Americans report feeling stressed out at work, and the changes the pandemic brought didn’t ease the tension. If you are among them, can you schedule a heart-to-heart with your supervisor?

If your workplace demands mandatory overtime with no additional compensation, consider dusting off your resume. Trying to thrive in such an environment when you must also manage to homeschool your children is enough to strain anyone’s health.

10. Make Your Bedroom Sleep-Conducive

Finally, a lack of adequate shuteye also damages your physical and mental well-being. If you have insomnia, identify factors such as electronic use in the bedroom or distring lights or sounds.

Then, eliminate these distractions from your sleeping space. Take the TV out of the bedroom and invest in an alarm clock instead of using your phone. Hang curtains if flashing outside neons disturb your rest, and try a white-noise machine or earplugs if noisy neighbors keep you up at night.

Invest in Your Health This Fall With These 10 Tips

Your health is your ultimate asset. Invest in it wisely this fall with these ten tips.

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