How to Find the Perfect Job in Healthcare for You

There are many reasons why people get into healthcare as a career. While the pay is a huge part, most, if not all, will also be interested in helping others or have a keen interest in science and medicine. The good news, of course, is that you don’t have to help others directly nor have a head for science and memorization in order to work and make a difference in healthcare. There are so many essential roles that make it possible to treat patients and improve the quality of life for all.

This guide will help you decide which job is perfect for you and give you tips on how to discover what you want out of your career for yourself. With so many different but essential roads to take, you will absolutely find a role that helps you feel fulfilled while supporting your ambitions, work/life balance needs, and salary expectations.

If Your Interest is in the Science Side of Healthcare

If you have a passion for STEM subjects and are thrilled with the science part of medicine, biology, chemistry, and health, then your best fit is to work directly with these subjects. Doctors, physicians, and surgeons are often primarily focused on the medicine side of healthcare, not the patient care side.

You can also work within research if working directly with patients isn’t a good fit. Research institutions need quality doctors to be on the team, either working with patients who are in the trial or to work with samples.

If Your Interest is in the Care Side of Healthcare

If your main focus, on the other hand, is on the care side of healthcare, then working directly with patients in an empathetic role is a better fit. The best example of an empathetic role is nursing. There are many ways that you can customize your career as a nurse, therapist, or other support worker that puts the emotional needs of their patients first.

Nurses make it possible for healthcare to happen. While doctors provide the medicine and understand the science of the body, it is nurses that care for both the body and the person in it. A highly trained nurse decreases mortality rates and also is there to monitor both the physiological and psychological symptoms of their patients.

There are many ways you can customize your career as a nurse as well. You can specialize in a certain demographic or area of medicine and train to become an APRN. You can find the right speed of work by exploring your options both in terms of workplace type (hospital, clinic, etc.) and also by location.

You can even take your nursing or other background outside of healthcare and work in research, policy-making, education, and so on, opening up your options and ensuring that if caring is what you are passionate about, you can find the right fit for you.

If Your Interest is in the Business Side of Healthcare

Healthcare is a business at the end of the day. Even in countries where healthcare is nationalized, there are still costs, expenses, wages to be paid, and important information to market. With this in mind, there are an infinite number of roles within healthcare that help patients and healthcare providers alike, only in this case they don’t require you to work directly with patients.

Not only is this an excellent way to help others, but indirectly, the salaries are often very competitive. Healthcare administrators, for example, earn a median salary of $94,500. Yes, you won’t be able to just jump into healthcare administration, but with a great healthcare management degree online under your belt, you’ll know everything from financial management in healthcare, to leadership skills, to how healthcare is changing and beyond.

Those with a BHA can work in all types of healthcare institutions, from hospitals to clinics and private practices to care homes. You can work as an administrator, coordinator, or manager, and as you don’t work with patients, you can work your way up and learn on the job further without requiring you to go back to school before you qualify for a promotion.

Administration is just one example. You can also work in the management of the building, in the janitorial sector, can provide holistic therapies like art therapy, and, of course, can work in universal departments like IT or marketing.All you need is the drive to help others because, with that, you can and should be able to direct your education or career into healthcare with great success.

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