10 Seemingly Innocent Things to Totally Support Your Health


It’s always a great time to reflect on your health. Maybe you’ve felt sluggish lately because of a poor diet or work stress. Changing your life doesn’t have to mean overhauling all of your habits and preferences. These 10 seemingly innocent things will totally enhance your health without requiring too much time or effort.

Anyone can use these tips to bust out of a health rut and feel like themselves again. They’re quick hacks that will change how you view your lifestyle and result in lasting positive changes.

1. Flavor Your Water

Many physical and mental symptoms stem from being dehydrated. Your body needs water to nourish your organs, including your brain. If you struggle to enjoy plain glasses or bottles of water, find natural flavors you enjoy and add them to every sip. A cold cup of berry-infused ice water might sound much more appealing and make it easier to fight dehydration.

2. Set a Bedtime Reminder

Staying up late to work on a project or watch your favorite movies is tempting, but everyone should prioritize their sleep. Set a daily reminder when it’s time for bed. You likely haven’t had a strict bedtime since childhood, but getting enough sleep will totally enhance your health. Research shows that it lowers your risk for health problems like diabetes and heart disease in addition to maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Snack on Apples

Apples are seemingly innocent things that transform health concerns. They have essential vitamins and nutrients your body converts into energy. They also become an abrasive scrub while you chew, brightening your teeth naturally without the hefty price tag of whitening strips or mouthwashes.

4. Start a Step Goal

Getting your steps in used to be a major exercise fad, but it’s still a simple trick you can use to live a healthier lifestyle. You’re going to walk during the day no matter what, so set a reasonable step goal. Reflect every night on how it felt to achieve that goal and if you can raise the bar. You’ll slowly build your physical stamina, get in better shape and even lose the weight causing your health concerns.

5. Get a Bottle of Multivitamins

Starting a multivitamin regimen is as simple as adding it to your next grocery list. Daily multivitamins supplement what you don’t already get from your diet. Although each brand differs, their products contain vitamins and minerals that aid critical bodily functions such as:

  • Hormone production
  • Immune system regulation
  • Normal organ processes

Talk with your doctor if you’re unsure about adding a multivitamin to your daily life. They can pinpoint exactly which health benefits you’d receive that you’re not currently enjoying.

6. Grow Indoor Plants

Whether you grow a small plant or an indoor garden, living in greenery can improve your mental health. Planting seeds or bringing home potted flowers is an innocent hobby that’s good for you. Caring for plants and watching them grow benefits your health and comfort by reducing stress and anxiety. Since those conditions result in physical health effects, planting some seeds and getting a watering can go a long way in enhancing your health.

7. Start a Gratitude Journal

It’s challenging to feel like yourself when you feel bogged down by negativity. Wading through negativity doesn’t have to be an impossible feat, thanks to gratitude journals. Reflecting on what you’re grateful for reminds you of all the love and happiness you’ve experienced and will experience again in the future.

When researchers studied the effects of gratitude, they found that it remained relatively constant across lifespans of people with happier states of mind. You can’t expect to feel joyful all the time, but reading through your journal when you’re down will improve your mental health and only require a few minutes of your day.

8. Brush Your Skin

You brush your hair, but what about your skin? Dry brushing is a modern skincare technique that exfoliates and increases your circulation without needing chemicals or lotions. It only takes a minute and the right kind of brush to banish skin problems. Even more, you can elect to use an intense pulse light hair removal device to keep your skin younger and smooth! Try it gently at home and see how your skin reacts to determine if it should become part of your routine.

9. Drink More Smoothies

Unless you buy protein bars and cereals designed to increase your fiber intake, you might not think about why your body needs the essential nutrient. Drinking more smoothies during the week is an easy way to consume all the fiber you need without extra cooking.

When your body digests your smoothies, the fiber will protect you against heart disease and other uncomfortable side effects. Plus, you can combine fruits or peanut butter and chocolate for an array of new meal and dessert options.

10. Practice Breathing Exercises

Anxiety affects your health more than you might realize. Anxious or stressful situations increase cortisol production, which is a stress hormone. It improves your ability to respond quickly and also helps essential bodily functions like:

  • Turning food into energy
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Controlling the effects of insulin

Even though it can be good for your health, you’ll experience harmful side effects from prolonged exposure. Weight gain, digestive problems, and even heart disease are all linked to intense cortisol production. Combat this hormone by practicing breathing exercises. Calming your heart rate through slow, steady breaths reduces stress and stops your body from continuing its cortisol production.

Enhance Your Health Today

These 10 seemingly innocent things will totally enhance your health if you try them. Eat healthier foods, drink more water, and start a gratitude journal to begin your journey to lasting good health.

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