Low Cal Fall Faves to Stay Trim and Healthy


It’s almost fall — and that means it’s time for soups, stews and other savory comfort foods. These options keep us warm and full as the weather turns cool. But how do you enjoy your favorites when you want to lose weight? It’s no secret that autumn meals can be wholesome and hearty. As a result, you’ll need to be a bit creative.

These nutritious recipes can help you enjoy delicious bites without any sacrifices. Take a look.

1. Eggplant and Mozzarella Roll-Ups

You shouldn’t miss a yummy fall vegetable like eggplant. It’s perfect for several recipes, but you’ll never regret your decision to pair your eggplant with cheese. A quick recipe like these roll-ups makes for a simple fall-inspired dinner. Plus, you won’t have to worry about calories since one serving contains less than 300. Feel free to be generous when you top your plate with a tomato-basil mixture. That’s more nutrients for you.

Be sure to serve your meal with sweet potatoes or another fall vegetable.

2. Vegetarian Stuffed Acorn Squash

What’s more fall-like than acorn squash? This healthy gourd serves many purposes. For this recipe, you’ll stuff your acorn squashes with a cheesy quinoa filling. Your calorie count won’t be more than 400, so you can add more toppings if you’d like. Ingredients like goat cheese and dried cranberries create a perfect dish for fall. You can serve your dish alongside a leafy green salad for extra nutrients.

3. Pasta With Red Clam Sauce

You can still enjoy pasta when you want to reduce your calorie intake. A serving of cooked pasta doesn’t amount to more than 215 calories or so. As a result, you can eat your favorite dishes. Make sure to forgo cream-based sauces like vodka sauce so that you can keep calories low. A simple red clam sauce doesn’t take long. Plus, you can add seasonal vegetables for a healthy side dish.

4. Slow Cooker Beef Stew

If you want a hearty, satisfying meal, you should try beef stew. This dinner will keep everyone happy, as it’s delicious and simple. After all, you can never mess up with beef, potatoes, vegetables and a yummy broth. This recipe boasts less than 500 calories, but you can cut down further if you add more vegetables and use less meat. You’ll also enjoy leftovers for a few days if you double your ingredients.

5. Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Soup

A bowl of warm soup can be a wonderful way to end your day when it’s cold outside. This pumpkin option only takes eight ingredients. Therefore, it’s relatively simple to make when you need a quick recipe. You can also make extra to freeze for up to a month. At 150 calories, you should incorporate it into your weekly repertoire. An extra crispy kale and sesame topping makes for a delectable dish.

To make this recipe more substantial, you could make a salad with leafy greens to serve as a side. Don’t forget some crusty bread to dip.

6. Lamb Chops With Lemon

How do you serve lamb chops so that they’re flavorful and moist? This recipe. You’ll cover your lamb chops with olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper for a delicious marinade. Herbs like oregano and mint add more depth. These ingredients work together to create a tzatziki-type combination without any dressings. Serve your dish with mashed potatoes, green beans or another yummy side.

There’s not much better than a dinner that has 300 calories!

7. Orange-Ginger Roast Chicken

A roasted chicken will always scream autumn. But when you add orange, ginger and honey, you’re ready for a full-blown harvest dinner. This recipe also tells you how to make a fennel and radicchio side salad, so you’ll be able to enjoy even more fall flavors. With only 345 calories, you can’t ask for a more satisfying meal. Plus, your leftover chicken bones and parts will create a delicious stock.

8. Vegetable Chicken Pot Pies

You’ll love these vegetable chicken pot pies. They’re warm enough to keep you cozy and full on a rainy fall day — and surprisingly, they’re less than 400 calories. That may be a new record for pot pie. In any case, you’ll load your crust with mushroom, carrots, peas and more for nutrients. Then, you’ll incorporate juicy chicken for your protein fix. These pot pies stand on their own, but you can serve a side salad, too.

Feel free to try a homemade whole wheat crust if you don’t want to use a store-bought version.

Enjoy These Delicious and Healthy Autumn Recipes

You can eat your favorite fall comfort foods — and enjoy a trim waistline! From pumpkin soup to roast chicken to pot pie, you can’t resist these recipes. The next time you want to make a delicious, low-calorie meal, you should try these ideas.


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