Man Uses Tinder To Hitchhike 7,500 Miles Across America, By Catching Lifts From Women He Dates

Most people use Tinder to hook up with date singles in their local area, but one man has flipped the concept on its head – by using it to hitchhike across America.

Daniel Beaumount, a self-described “nomadic traveller”, set off on his trip in May 2014. He started as any normal hitchhiker would with a hopeful thumbs up on the side of the road, but after being rejected by countless drivers Beaumont tried his luck on the dating app instead.

And succeed he did. Beaumont enlisted a total of 32 women to help him travel 7,500 miles (12,000km) around north America to New York City.

His Tinder bio read like this: “Nomadic traveller of 2 years from Britain. Currently hitchhiking 20,000km across North America. Trying to get by through the generosity of wonderful people. Need to reach New York City by early November. Can you help me get there?”

But it wasn’t just Tinder that helped Beaumont travel so far. Writing on his blog, he also credits Tinder, CouchSurfing, travel forums and Craigslist for his trip.

But he stresses that the trip wasn’t just a “one-way street”.

“It wasn’t like that at all. I would cook for girls, adventure with them, make them laugh, and inspire many to change some part of their life, big or small,” he writes.


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And, as with any big trip, his hitchhiking adventure proved life affirming and taught him a lot.

“I battled with my ego for a very long time and could never find the courage to go beyond myself and ask others for help. Sometimes you need drop that shit, erase the fear of being judged, and let yourself become beautifully vulnerable. Human beings are wired to help each other, and from what I’ve seen in 2 ½ years of travel, no matter where you go in the world, regardless of cultural differences, there are ALWAYS tons of amazing souls who are willing to lend a helping hand.”

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