New Girl’s Max Greenfield Tells Us How to Find the Perfect Place to Live

If you’re in your 20s, chances are good that you’re in the middle of or close to a big move, according to a new Trulia survey that found the average millennial will live in seven different places with five different roommates by the time she hits 30. If this sounds all too familiar, then you know the painstaking hours of searching, documenting, and sharing listings that each move entails. And you’re not alone. New Girl star Max Greenfield has also hired his share of moving trucks. “I’ve lived in six [places] in Los Angeles alone, and probably more,” the actor told POPSUGAR Home.

To streamline the home buying and renting process and to better accommodate the way millennials live, interact, and move, Trulia has developed collaborative boards. The collaborative boards allow you to easily save, categorize, and share homes with spouses, roommates, and family, which means no more searching through spreadsheets or digging through your browser history to recall listing URLs. They’re like Pinterest for real estate!

While Max now resides comfortably in LA with his wife and daughter, he wishes the collaborative search boards had been available during his family’s house hunt. “You can rate homes in different categories that you create, and you can share them by emailing each other back and forth,” he said. “It really just makes the process easy and fun.”

Even more than the collaborative boards, however, Max was awed by Trulia’s fun new Buyers-Diggs Test. It’s a personality test (à la the Myers-Briggs test) that deciphers your home style, making it the perfect tool to test your compatibility with a potential new roommate or home.

“It was frighteningly accurate – I didn’t realize how organized I hope to be and try to be,” Max told us of his rating, which revealed his neat freak tendencies, as well as his “deluxist” approach to personal home style. When we pointed out how much this sounded like Schmidt, his infamous New Girl character, he admitted that the test revealed the two have more in common than he knew. “That’s what was so scary about it! ” he said. “It was exactly how Schmidt would answer, and I wasn’t weighting my answers.” Head to Trulia to check out the collaborative boards, and find out what the Buyers-Diggs Test reveals about you.

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