Black See-Through Cover Up Mesh T-Shirt Dress by WuLun

$24.99 $11.99 May 20, 2019 at 12:12 pm

This sexy see-through design features a roofy design to present a casual-yet-sexy vibe. The accented trim helps this piece speak in a mysterious and tantalizing tone to capture the focus of everyone around it. You’ll find this breathable design as versatile as it is comfy. Perfect for casual settings or more formal summer events.

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What’s more alluring than a lofty, partially see-through dress? This mesmerizing design features a light and breathable mesh design accented by patterned trim around the bottom and sleeves. This sleek¬†black material will create a mysterious magnetism to your shape and curvature of which no one will be able to escape.

Wash in cool water with like colors. Dry on low heat only. NOTE: Longer-than-normal soaking may cause the dye to fade more quickly than under regular conditions.