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Casual Sleeveless Cotton Summer Party Dress by FORUU

$0.99 May 22, 2019 at 12:12 pm

This haute sleeveless party dress comes in a variety of sizes and colors to help ensure you capture the look you’re going for! Perfect for semi-formal outdoor events such as beach parties, dances, or even weddings! Its cotton/linen design make it very breathable and you’ll find the ample amount of fabric makes it surprisingly comfortable and free-flowing!

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This yellow party dress is beyond affordable and perfect for special occasions! It’s a single piece design with haute collar presentation perfect for formal outdoor events such as beach parties, weddings, or dances. You’ll find its open and wofty design make for a cool and comfortable experience while exuding a sense of casual elegance.

This yellow sleeveless summer dress comes in several colors including black, white, and an Earthy green. This dress comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large and fits very comfortably. Materials include cotton and linen which are perfect for breathability! Buy this dress today and make your wardrobe more dynamic and flexible to help accommodate all your upcoming social engagements!