Hooked Latex Workout Waist Trainer Cincher by Ann Chery

$28.99 Jun 19, 2019 at 2:02 pm

Wow! This re-imagining of the infamous Ann Chery Deportiva features a metallic hook design, contouring latex layer, and an inner layer of cotton for a truly comfortable fit. This waist trainer was designed for your workout and is gym ready out of the box! You’ll find its comfort and compression are evenly balanced to get you the fast results you want without making you too uncomfortable.

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Use this incredible waist trainer to form your waistline at the gym! This is the award-winning Metallic Edition of the best-selling Deportiva latex girdle by Ann Chery. This waist trainer increases thermogenesis and helps to burn fat while working out. This cincher is ideal for getting the most out of your hard-earned workouts. This workout waist trainer is designed to adhere closely to the shape of your body while providing ample amounts of compression. This is an ideal design for those seeking support, comfort, and results! This waist trainer features latex but it is hidden underneath the metallic layer. Also, this product features a high-quality Cotton lining to provide a fresh-feeling comfort and an extra layer between your skin and latex. This product comes from the world-renowned, Columbia-based Faja Ann Chery brand and is revered among Hollywood Starlets and entertainment professionals.

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