Mara Hoffman

Indigo Organic Cotton Gathered Jumpsuit Cover Up by Mara Hoffman

$207.40 May 22, 2019 at 11:11 am

The Indigo Jumpsuit Coverup by Mara Hoffman features an aloof style mixed with an almost elegant statement of stylistic conservancy. This 100% organic cotton design is breathable, timeless, and perfect for all those summer months where clothes are just such a drag. Fits loosely above and below the waist but has a snug waistline to accentuate your shape.

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The Organic Cotton Gathered Jumpsuit Cover-Up by Mara Hoffman is as eco-conscious as it is alluring. This semi-see-through coverup is perfect for your casual outdoor lifestyle, the beach, or those fun summer nights where the temperatures never seem to drop! Fits loose with a snug mid-waist to help accentuate your figure. Make with 100% Organic Cotton to ensure the cleanest and healthiest experience imaginable. Hand wash or dry clean only.