Tracy Reese

Modern Floral Print Pencil Skirt by Tracy Reese

$169.04 May 22, 2019 at 11:11 am

This elegant display of modern floral patterning is a perfect fit for this silk/spandex pencil dress by Tracy Reese. This dress is designed to work in nearly any setting, fits comfortably, and is guaranteed to help you stand out!

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This floral pencil skirt from Tracy Reese features a three-pattern blend of such modern and abstract floral imagination it’s hard to put into words. Electric pineapple mango explorer’s curiosity is the best we can do. You’ll find this eccentric yet elegant pencil dress suitable for nearly any occasion where colors are acceptable. It features a stretchable material made of 92% silk and 8% spandex to accommodate¬†movement and casual wear. Dry clean only.