ShaperQueen 102C – Women Waist Cincher Girdle Shapewear Tummy Control Panty

$16.99 Jun 19, 2019 at 2:02 pm

The 102c waist trainer by ShaperQueen is an excellent choice for those looking to slim down their figure, decrease back pain, find posture support, or regain their pre-pregnancy figure postpartum! This waist trainer is designed with comfort in mind and provides a seamless appearance when worn underneath regular clothing. This feature even includes use with fitted tops such as dresses! Get your 102c by ShaperQueen and start looking and feeling better today!

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This waist trainer/waist cincher is the original 102C design known for its powerful slimming effect. Made by ShaperQueen, artisans of bodywear, this waist trainer offers a full torso compression to help improve your posture and overall figure. If you’re after an hourglass shape this product is for you! The 102C features a lightweight boning system, common among high-end corsets, which helps prevent rolling and forces this waist cincher to stay in place the entire time you wear it. No more having to stop and tug your waist trainer up every 15 minutes!

The 102c by ShaperQueen is made from a plush, high-quality material that is known for both its breathability and all-day comfort. This waist trainer truly is the best of both worlds! ShaperQueen’s targeted firmness control allows you to control the amount of shaping you get to the areas that need it most. To maximize the benefits of the ShaperQueen 102c we recommend¬†never buying a size down from your normal size. If unsure, or you fall somewhere between sizes, always go for a size larger. This allows the shaper to better contour to your figure and avoids unnecessary discomfort. This product is often worn postpartum to help regain their pre-pregnancy figure faster. In addition, the 102c’s full torso design makes it an ideal choice for addressing backpain and posture support.


  • Smooth design for seamless appearance under normal clothes
  • Works great with fitted tops and dresses
  • Provides instant and long-term slimming
  • Light boning system holds waist trainer in place
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