Smart New Year’s Traditions You Should Start

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It’s just about time to start thinking of New Year’s resolutions, which can feel like an individual effort. If you reframe your perspective, you can get your family in on celebrating the past while planning for the future. Their passions and interests can work alongside your own so everyone continues to grow in the coming months.

Check out a few smart New Year’s traditions you should start to get ideas that will improve your family life. Once you know what everyone wants to do, you can look forward to trying something different on New Year’s Day.

1. Set One Personal Goal

Instead of challenging yourself to a long list of resolutions, set one personal goal. Everyone can decide what they want to accomplish by the end of the year. Your kids might try to get an A in a challenging class or only forget one chore a week. A single objective is much easier to accomplish and teaches your children they can do anything.

Figuring out how to create and stick with SMART goals is the secret to accomplishing whatever your family sets their minds to. Talk your kids through making their targets specific and measurable. They’re the first steps toward learning how to craft goals for their personal and school lives, as well as their careers.

2. Commit to Family Exercise

Check your schedule and start a new tradition by committing to weekly family exercise. You could walk around the neighborhood every day or even just a few times per week. When kids get regular workouts, they’ll develop stronger muscles and bones, avoid developing diabetes and maintain a healthy body weight.

If your schedule prevents you from leaving home for that long, check out workout videos available for free online. Your kids might also love video game consoles with exercise-focused games that get them on their feet. Make a list of options so you don’t feel tied down to a single form of family exercise.

3. Introduce Healthy Foods Monthly

Kids are usually resistant to a healthy overhaul of their diet, but they might be open to trying one new food item each month. Over the coming year, make new recipes featuring the monthly vegetable or category from the food pyramid. You’ll ease everyone into better eating habits that set your kids up for a lifetime of smart dietary choices.

4. Host a Graduation Party

There’s never a bad time to throw a graduation party. Your new tradition will celebrate passing on household responsibilities. If your teenager goes to college this year, throw a New Year’s party to cheer on the next oldest kid who will take on their primary chores, like mowing the lawn.

When you follow responsibilities with a celebration, your kids will be more willing to accept them without complaint.

5. Review Family Emergency Plans

When was the last time your family sat down to talk about what to do if there was a fire or tornado? Reviewing family emergency plans is a smart New Year’s tradition you can begin this year.

On average, the U.S. experiences 13.8 natural disasters each year, which means your family could easily be affected by one. Talk about evacuation plans or how to shelter in place. If something bad happens, everyone will be much safer because they’ll all know how to handle it.

6. Reward Kind Efforts

Kindness isn’t always an easy thing to hold onto as you grow up. After all, bullies pick on people with big hearts. Starting this year, reward your child’s kind efforts. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or on New Year’s Eve, make a big deal about pointing out the good things they did. Reward them with a new toy or their favorite meal. You’ll reaffirm that desire to be kind, even when it gets more challenging for them later on.

7. Celebrate Yearly Accomplishments

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect on everyone’s accomplishments. Make a list of their successes, like hitting a home run or scoring the lead dance position in the community ballet recital. It’s important for kids to feel appreciated. Follow up a round of applause by thinking of ways to celebrate everything in a way your kids will love.

8. Introduce a New Skill

In the coming year, ask everyone to commit to learning a new skill. They could choose cooking, singing or anything else that excites them. Pushing everyone outside their comfort zones shows your kids that it’s OK to try something new and even more rewarding to become good at it. They’ll need that later in life when they apply for jobs or join local groups to meet friends.

Get Their Feedback

These are just a few smart New Year traditions you should start, but don’t forget the other people who will participate. Ask your kids what their preferences are. No matter what they pick, these ideas will set them up for success by encouraging their personal growth.

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