5 Ways CBD Can Help In Relaxing Your Stressful Life


Although COVID-19 is the only pandemic most of us discuss, we have been enduring another type of pandemic long before that—the stress pandemic. Think about it, when was the last time you felt at peace for longer than a day? Do you know of one person in your life who does not let stress affect them? Even children are experiencing the weariness of stress and the anxiety symptoms that come with it. What’s worse is that even some pets show signs of stress, and isn’t that the saddest thing?

Stress will always be a part of life, regardless of how much you achieve and how much money you have. The question isn’t how to eliminate stressful events from your life, but how to manage anything that comes your way without allowing it to cause you stress.

Accepting the moment as it is without wishing it to be any other way is one option to reduce stress. However, sometimes, you need something more to help you think clearer and function more optimally, and that’s where CBD can be of use.

What is CBD?

CBD is like marijuana in some ways because it comes from the same plant species, and the two have similar health benefits. What’s different about CBD is that it has no intoxicating psychoactive effects, so unlike marijuana, it cannot make you high.

This cannabinoid affects the body through the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a cell-signaling system that manages daily functions in the body such as temperature, mood, appetite, sleep, and more. The ECS performs its role through its receptors, which move through the mind and body to implement change. Researchers have noted that CBD signals to the ECS’s receptors to trigger change.

Growing Popularity & Acceptance

Its manipulation of the receptors is why CBD might help with various chronic and mental health conditions such as infertility, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, epilepsy, and more. These benefits have led to a rise in the popularity of CBD, where it’s now far safer to buy weed online in Canada or invest in CBD-infused products such as skin care creams, vape liquids, edibles, oil tinctures, and more.

This rise in global popularity of CDB, cannabis, and even THC-related products has sparked an international collective of passionate health researchers. Taking from the latest insights by professional researchers, one can gain insight as to how CBD may help support healthy stress levels naturally. Below you’ll find a survey of the topic.

Five ways CBD can help you combat stress

Although CBD won’t eliminate challenges in your life, it can affect your body in a way that helps you navigate through challenging situations more calmly. The following are the top five ways CBD can help you combat stress.

CBD can manage your cortisol level

Cortisol is an essential hormone the body produces during a stressful situation. In a genuine emergency, our body secretes cortisol to determine whether to go into fight-or-flight mode. However, when chronic stress is present, you overproduce cortisol.

As a result, you experience more fatigue and end up with a weaker immune system because the body focuses on cortisol production over everything else. CBD can help by managing your hormone imbalance. Studies show that this cannabinoid can control cortisol’s overproduction so your body can experience an optimal state.

CBD can combat anxiety symptoms

Chronic stress often leads to anxiety, and when the latter worsens, panic attacks and depression are often the results. Addressing your anxiety issues is critical to avoid falling into depression or experiencing the physically debilitating moment when a panic attack hits.

There are two ways that CBD can lower anxiety symptoms. Primarily, it can trigger the receptors to release serotonin in the body. The latter is a natural mood stabilizer, and when the body has an adequate amount, it helps lower anxiety symptoms. CBD can reduce anxiety by balancing GABA levels in the brain as well. An adequate level of GABA allows us to remain calm during stressful situations.

CBD provides pain relief

Pain can easily lead to stress, primarily when it inhibits us from doing simple everyday things. CBD can provide temporary relief whether you are suffering from back pain, muscle pain, or chronic tension in the muscles. Studies show how this cannabinoid has potent anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can help treat chronic pain caused by severe disorders such as joint pain caused by arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

CBD for better skin

Skin issues can lead to as much stress as pain does, especially when the problems are unrelenting, such as those caused by acne. As a powerful antioxidant, CBD is excellent for the skin to keep the dullness away, but it can do more than this.

One study shows how CBD has the potential to lower acne symptoms thanks to its interaction with sebum. The latter is the waxy oil found on the skin’s surface, where dirt is likely to get trapped. The result is acne for some people, but with CBD reducing the overproduction of sebum, it could ease symptoms of this challenging skin problem.

CBD as a stimulant

Nothing makes us feel more overwhelmed than a lack of energy, but a dose of CBD can change this. Studies show how CBD acts as a wake-promoting agent in low doses, giving users the energy they’re lacking. A natural way to boost your energy level, this cannabinoid can help you face your work head-on and get on with whatever it is you must do.

CBD is not here to make every challenge in your life disappear, but it can help you face things with a clearer state of mind and a calmer demeanor, free from the heaviness of stress and anxiety.

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